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(All photos via the Los Angeles Public Library.)

The city of Beverly Hills started off as a Spanish ranch that grew lima beans until 1914, when it became part of Los Angeles County. Despite technically being LA County, Beverly Hills is almost entirely surrounded by Los Angeles. Since the 1950s, Beverly Hills has been known for its high-end shopping, luxury homes and celebrity residents. This is a reputation they have maintain up to today; its zip code - 90210 - alone enough to make people think of its pristine streets lined with palm trees and luxury establishments. Beyond this characterization, however, is an area of Los Angeles with character and history, as told in these photos.

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National Train Day is May 10th

To celebrate upcoming National Train Day are photographs and scans of railroads and related photographs and brochures during the 1939 World’s Fair. Representing the industry was the Eastern Railroads Conference Building located in the Transportation Zone. Visitors could see the 28 by 30 feet diorama featuring miniature model trains and equipment or venture to view the popular Railroads on Parade. The musical pageant, reviewed the role of railroads and transportation in American history with costumed characters and reenactments.

Brochures and photographs from the Collection on the 1939/1940 New York World’s Fair at the Queens Museum.

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